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Solar Panel

Solar Energy Investments For Your House

Homes with solar power were scarce about a decade ago. Today with local tax incentives, the green movement and innovative companies improving solar products, solar energy is becoming common for every household.

The main reason for households investing in solar energy is because it is free. The main reason everyone should make use of solar energy is to lessen the carbon footprint on the earth.

Source: Saitec, Flickr

Thanks to Canada’s large area, there are many solar resources. Unfortunately, due to its high latitude and cloud cover, Canada has a low level of solar irradiance. Despite the challenges that certain areas might have with solar power, the future for solar is still bright, as new and better solar technology makes the market regularly.

The effectiveness of solar

One interesting thing about solar energy is that the amount of sun hitting the earth every hour is enough to provide the entire human race with energy for a whole year. Keeping this in mind, the possibility for every household to benefit from solar energy is not far-fetched. With more countries setting up solar plants, there is no reason why we all can not benefit from the power of the sun soon.

When making your home solar powered, the job is best done by a professional as solar panels need additional wiring and panel placement. Solar power systems for a house can come in many forms and varieties of types. The Grid Intertied residential solar power system is connected to the house and traditional electric utility or to a battery backup system that will generate power to your home when the sun is not in sight. An off-grid solar power system is completely disconnected from your homes electrical system.

How do I know what should I choose?

A wide range of solar panels or tiles is available on the market. The size of the system that is needed for one household depends on the insulation and how much energy is required. Some panels needed will depend on the output per panel, insulation and how many hours per day peak sunlight will reach the panels.

You can choose to either buy or lease solar power. When purchasing solar you have tax incentives, and the amount will differ in each area. You should always make sure you get a system with a strong warranty, for at least ten years and panels that will cover at least 20 to 25 years. Installing permanent solar power can also increase the value of your home.

Another option is to lease solar power installations, and if anything goes wrong, then the companies are usually the ones who pay for the repairs and maintenance.

For the system to work efficiently, your roof needs direct sun when the sun is at its strongest. Many solar professionals like The Cool Roofing Company, Atlanta, Ga roofers offer free assessments which will help you make the right choice.

With the development of invisible solar cells, the possibilities of solar power will become endless as invisible solar cells will allow the generating of energy on all kinds of surfaces, making a window of skyscrapers the greatest area. Seeing these kinds of inventions in progress makes us realize that solar power has high hopes for the future and can be seen to fit every household. We should take into account that conventional techniques such as gas and coal did not grow overnight, they took a decade to grow and the same goes for solar power before that too will become a maximum part of the market share.