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House with a green roof

Replacing your roof with green technology

Green Technologies

Our daily routine entirely revolves around unrenewable sources of energy and high consumption of energy in general. With monthly bills rising through the roof, people are starting to consider a sustainable way of living as an alternative to expensive electricity, heating and fuel prices. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to reduce the consumption of energy without radically changing your daily routine. Small changes in your lifestyle can already cause progress but installing green technologies for home improvement will transform your home into an energy saving machine.

Ultimate Green Technologies for Your Property

Below you can find a list of green technologies suitable for your home. These innovations help you save money and the environment by either creating or saving energy. It’s best to think about these novelties from a long-term perspective because they are mostly expensive. However, keep in mind that each of them cuts your energy consumption costs on a monthly basis and pays you your money back through energy savings.

Consider number 1: solar arrays

No matter if your ultimate goal is to reduce pollution or lower annual electricity costs, solar panels are necessary home improvements. Photovoltaic cells work on a solar cell technology and are becoming increasingly popular all over the globe. The average cost of installation for an array is around 25 to 30 thousand dollars. However, tax reliefs and lower energy bills are just one of the many ways how your money will recoup the investment.

Solar Roofing

Consider number 2: solar water heaters

For a good few household spending $30, 000 isn’t an option. Luckily, there are many alternative ways to save energy through solar technology, and they can be equally effective. The home improvement you want to consider is the solar water heater. It significantly cuts down energy consumption costs by far lower initial price of roof installation. Your money might be recouped even quicker in comparison to solar arrays. Solar water heaters are an efficient way to evade spending a tremendous amount of money but still use solar technology and cut down bills.

Consider number 3: wind generators

The majority of homeowners has a misconception of wind generators. Those huge windmills in the Netherlands and western United States are not what we suggest you install. However, a miniature version is just as useful for your home and represents an energy-saving green technology.  Initial costs of installation of wind generator differ. It depends on whether or not you decide to build a generator on your own or hire a professional to do it for you. The power of home wind generators is also undefinable. While some will save you up to 10 % of energy, others are likely to cut your energy consumption bills by 95 %.

Useful tip: energy monitors

Saving planet, energy, and money can be as easy as buying an energy monitor. Homeowners are often surprised by how effective these screens can be. We at Cool Roofing, a professional commercial roofer from Atlanta, Georgia can absolutely confirm that energy monitors are by far the cheapest green technology available on the market, and yet they can significantly decrease power consumption. These devices are simply clipped onto the cable, and they precisely monitor your energy consumption and display it on the screen. Following your own expenditure can influence your awareness over how much energy you are using daily and motivate you to act more responsible. On average, energy monitors save around 15 percent of energy annually