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Broken roof shingles

Protecting Your Roof

Roof Repairs – What Damages Your Roof

Roofing systems are the most exposed component of your home. They are subject to all weather conditions 24 hours a day. The biggest mistake homeowners are prone to make is procrastinating with repairing their roof or replacing it because they think that is how they save money. Trust us, you may not invest in your new kitchen table, and that can wait, however, the quality of your roof is crucial and inevitable if you are aiming at a highly efficient and functional home.

This is important to realize because the reason why people always have to repair their roofing systems is often because they simply have the wrong one for the climate they live in. Secondly, homeowners often do not dedicate enough time to the preparation of their roofs. Preparing for winter is inevitable if you want your roof to survive extremely low temperatures successfully. Winters are becoming harsher each year, so it is important to know what damages your roof in order to prevent it.

Investing in your roof is never a useless financial investment. It is the smartest one because you are investing in the protection of your family members, yourself, your possessions and everything you’ve worked for. The Cool Roofing Company, commercial roof repair contractor in Atlanta GA claims that knowing what causes the damage to your roof and why you have to repair it is the first step towards properly securing your roof and lowering chances of damage appearing again.

The weather conditions

Weather conditions are the number one reason and cause of harm. Low temperatures combined with high-speed winds, hail, snow, and rainstorm can significantly injure your roofing system and cause it to collapse. Certain conditions result in different types of damages. Winds and strong hurricanes have the ability to pull out your roof shingles and panels and leave you exposed and roofless. Rainstorms are dangerous because of leaks that could appear in delicate places on the roof like flashings, chimneys, and vents. Hail can make small holes and scratches and let moisture in, so your interior could suffer.

Watch your gutters

Another reason for damage is often debris in the form of branches or leaves that clog your drain rain system. The primary purpose of gutters is to channel the water away from your property. However, if the gutters are clogged, then the water will sit until it leaks. To prevent that, make sure you inspect your gutters regularly and clean them efficiently.

Preparation time

Preparation time plays a significant role in preventing damage. Along with inspection, it can help you go through harsh winters with almost nothing to repair on your roof. These simple measures can help you decrease the negative effects of low temperatures and excess water, and they are straightforward and quick.

What to do

First of all, make sure that you trim all the trees around your house. Even though you wouldn’t think of it as problematic, branches and leaves can hurt your roofing system. Branches can cause scratches and holes through which water can easily come in. On the other hand, leaves can clog your gutters and cause a disastrous leak. Roof inspection before winter (preferably in fall) is a must. Check all the vulnerable parts of your roofing system like chimneys or flashing. Replace the missing or broken shingles and inspect your roof from all sides. According to The Cool Roofing Company, roof contractor in Atlanta GA, you should search for signs of bubbling surface, rust, mold, and blistering. If you shingles are buckling or curling, make sure to contact a professional to see what exactly is going on. It is better to pay for repairs before the winter and lower the chances of destruction than to risk being roofless.