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Example of a Green Roof

Pros and Cons of Green Roofs

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Green Roofs?

A green or living roof is simply a roof of a house with plants or any other vegetation partly or wholly covering it. This vegetation is usually planted over waterproofing material or complex waterproofing membrane. Some sophisticated systems include drainage, irrigation, and barriers to stop roots from penetrating the soil to the roof.

Types of green roofing include:

  • Extensive: This is when low-growing, drought-resistant species such as succulents, grasses, and herbs is growing on a shallow layer of topsoil spread on a roof.
  • Semi-intensive: Here shrubs, perennials, and grasses grow on a deep layer of soil on a roof.
  • Intensive roof gardens: It involves lawns, bushes, trees and larger species of perennial plants growing on a much deeper soil layer on a roof.

The location, weather condition, and your house design will influence the kind of green roofing best suited for you. While gaining popularity in Europe, green roofs are still taking root here in the US. At The Cool Roofing, our skilled Atlanta roofing contractors have the knowledge and experience to guide you through getting a green roof. We'll explain the science behind them and happily answer all of your questions.

Advantages of Green Roofs

  • Market value: Keeping a well-managed green roof would increase the market value of a property, especially now with the climate change-fueled demand for eco-friendly houses.
  • Storm water control: The green roofing surface retains some rainwater and vegetation takes up a certain amount before releasing it to the atmosphere through osmosis and evaporation. This reduces the velocity of the storm water.
  • Heat retention: Green roofing improves your house’s heat retention in winter and cooling in summer. This could reduce your heating and air-conditioning needs, which could help you make some savings on your power bills.
  • Vegetables and fruits: You can transform your green roof into your kitchen garden and grow fruits and vegetables for your household, cutting down your shopping bills.
  • Fresh air: The vegetation and vegetation on your roof will draw carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air while producing oxygen. This will enable you to contribute towards cutting down on your own personal carbon footprint and supplying fresh and clean breathing air.
  • Soundproof: Your green roof can insulate your household against the usual urban noise.
  • Aesthetic beauty: Well-maintained green roofs will improve the appearance of your house and the entire area.
  • Job creation: Green roofing is a multi-billion dollar industry of its own, be it the manufacture of the materials and equipment used in constructing them or the vegetation growth and the roofs design, installation and maintenance.

Disadvantages of Green Roofs

  • Cost of installation: Certain architectural designs may render your house unsuitable for green roofing. This may require you to carry out some modifications and even reconstruction of your roof to accommodate a green roof. Even then, however, requisite necessities such as waterproof materials, root penetration stopper, a drainage system, filter cloth, a suitable growing solution, and plants to be planted would cost you a reasonable amount. Above all, you will need a qualified and experienced contractor to put up a green roof.
  • Maintenance costs: This is a specialized roof requiring constant maintenance compared to an ordinary roof to ensure your roof does not, for example, start leaking.
  • Depress market value: A poorly maintained or a broken down green roof could also reduce your property’s market value as potential buyers demand major discounts to take into account the cost of repairing, reconstructing or even doing away with the green roof.
  • Accidents: Given the weight of roof as a result of the vegetation and whole system linked to the garden on top of it (roof), could lead to structural malfunction and would result in the roof collapsing with a potential to causing accidents to your household.

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