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Getting Familiar with Roof Ventilation

Things You Have to Know About Ventilation

Roof venting is one of the most spoken about roofing topics on each roofing blog. Sometimes things can get messy due to so many posts and guides on that subject. As a roofing company with a lot of experience and years of venting different types of roofs, we’ve finally decided to bring you some valuable information on roof venting. What we can say with certainty that a vented attic is pretty underestimated in the roofing industry. If done properly, a vented attic and roof can do wonders for your household, and it will function in all types of climate- because that it the purpose of venting. However, some unreliable roofers and roofing companies spread around wrong information and incorrect advice on roof venting, so a lot of homeowners do it incorrectly. Improper venting can lead to massive energy loss, mold, rot or ice dams. That is why you should always hire a professional to do it for you and always check the background of the roofing company you hire. This article will explain the basic principles of venting and what you need to know about it. So, no matter if you are our client or you intend to be, sit back and read the information given to you by your favorite Atlanta commercial roofing company.

What Venting Really Is?

It is crucial to know what venting is and why is it desirable. You can’t appreciate something if you don’t know what it is and how it can be used and efficient. What the primary purpose of venting is, depends on the climate homeowner is located in. When it comes to the type of venting; attic or roof, it is pretty much the same, and it gives the same results.

For homeowners placed in cold climates, ventilation serves to maintain a cold roof temperature. Now, why would one want that? By keeping the roof cold, you can avoid ice dams which are created by melting snow and cause major leaks and problems. Venting in cold climate also helps vent any moisture that comes from te living space to the attic.

When it comes to hot weather, things are a little bit different, but venting is equally important. The primary purpose of venting in warm locations is to expel hot air from the attic that is a result of Sun’s heat. By doing that, building’s cooling load can be reduced and you can significantly lower the amount of energy spent on air-conditioning. That’s how you can save hundreds of dollars. When it comes to mixed climates, ventilation can serve in both ways.

So, no matter where you are and what are the weather conditions you live in, venting of your attic and roof simply can’t be a wrong decision.

Venting the Attic

Venting the attic is a lot easier than venting roof deck because you don’t have to keep in mind valleys dormers, slopes, and hips. A homeowner should make sure that the attic place is completely cleared out. There shouldn’t be any furniture, things you collect and things you will never use. Get rid of those if you want to ventilate your attic. While we recommend you to call a professional to do it for you, there are many DIY guides on how to vent your attic.

What About Venting the Roof Deck?

When it comes to the roof deck, it will be a more complicated process to vent the roof deck. If you have a simply constructed roof, the procedure should be easier and less time-consuming. However, roofs with hips, valleys, skylights or dormers will be hard or impossible to vent. You have to know the exact measures and strictly follow the guides. While venting is an amazing thing, there are some drawbacks. If you live in a cold climate, you have to be careful that snow won’t enter the ridge vents because ti can melt and cause a leak or rot. On the other hand, living in a coastal climate can also bring difficulties. Moisture can enter the vents cause damage

The most important thing about venting is realizing the right approach and doing thins by the guide. While some DIY’s are perfect, we honestly recommend you to call a trustworthy roofing company skilled enough to install the ventilation properly. Venting is an incredible strategy but only if done correctly, so call The Cool Roofing Company and treat your home the way it deserves.