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Energy Efficient Roofing Materials

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What’s the purpose of Energy Efficient roofing materials?

When summer heat strikes, It is almost impossible to find any solution to cool the temperature down without spending thousands of bucks on air conditioning, especially if you have dark roofing on your house. But there is always a solution! Explore the world, look for some Energy Efficient roofing materials and all your summer problems will be miles away.

Nowadays, we can’t stress enough how important is to use environment-friendly materials that aren’t aggressive. By using Energy Efficient roofing materials, you will not only improve the quality of your living, but you will also do something good for your environment by reducing the power plant emission. Also, you will save a lot of money by turning off the air-conditioner and extending the life of your roof by decreasing its temperature. There are also plenty more benefits of using the energy-efficient roofing materials.

How does it work?

The regular roofing materials are dark and designed to absorb more heat, which can reduce the life-cycle of your roofing and cause unbearable heat during the summer months.  Energy Efficient roofing materials work by the principle of light refraction. They are designed in bright, light-reflecting colors that absorb less heat. Therefore, you can enjoy spending time in your house during the summer months.

What kind of material is Energy Efficient?

If done by experienced professionals, any material can be transformed into energy saver.

1. Paint it bright

You can save some money by repainting your roof with liquid (or spray) roof coating. But you need to be aware that it won’t be as durable as if you replace the old one with the Energy Efficient one. Liquid roof coating needs to be applied carefully and the roof must be clean and in good condition. If the surface isn’t in good condition, you can’t expect miraculous results. But it will certainly be better than before and you can significantly reduce your energy costs.

2, Don’t be afraid of Clay and Slate

Although they are a bit more expensive, they are certainly worth the cost. These two materials can split your energy costs in half. Since Clay is lighter than the Slate, It’s usually used in warmer climates. On the other hand, Slate is ideal for the windy climate. They are both extraordinarily durable and you shouldn’t be afraid of them.

3. Metal is always a good solution

Metal is an excellent Energy Efficient roofing material. Different types of metal, such as Aluminium, Copper, and Steel, are certainly the ones that you should pay attention to. Since they are pretty bad at absorbing the heat (which is great for energy saving), they are ideal for a warmer climate. High-quality Metal is durable and it can save you lots of money in the long term.

The importance of Energy Efficiency is enormous and it’s important to do it with great experts. If you want to find out what’s the best solution for your house, consult with one of the best commercial roofers in the Atlanta metro area and find out everything you need. Save the money, while taking care of the environment.