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Roof of a house

Metal vs asphalt

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Roof of a House

When it comes to choosing the perfect roof for your household, there are a lot of options you can choose from. Considering the constant growth in the industry, you are free to have your choice of material, type, and slope.

The choice of material is very important when it comes to your roofing project, not only because of the visual appeal but also because of its individual properties which may benefit a certain area more than the other. It is well-known among experts that certain material may only reach a level of complete efficiency if it’s used in an environment where its abilities can be fully utilized.

The most common material used in roofing projects across the US used to be asphalt. Asphalt was a very common choice due to its low price, an average degree of durability and moderate visual appeal. However, nowadays asphalt is being thrown away at the end of the list since the innovations have allowed for other materials to be both affordable and more functional than asphalt. Generally speaking, asphalt is usually found in the shape of either slates or shingles. Moreover, it’s easy to install and maintain, which doesn’t put the workers in any unnecessary risky situations. Its average lifespan is around 20 years, in case it’s maintained properly. There are certain products in the field which might prolong the life expectancy of your asphalt roof. Consult an expert when it comes to choosing a coating or any other kind of technique.

Metal roofing systems are slowly making a transition between being efficient in covering only commercial buildings. Nowadays, more and more homeowners across the US decide on installing a metal roof. The cool thing about metal roofing systems is that they maintain their level of functionality and can also mimic any other material out there, making up for their lack of visual appeal. The expected lifespan of a metal roof is around 50 years, depending on the type of metal used. Some types can even guard your home for many centuries to come. Metal roofing systems are also recyclable, as compared to asphalt, which usually lands up in waste fields.

Metal roofing systems are generally better in handling the damage from weather-related factors. For instance, they work well when faced with wind, rain, and snow. Not only that, metal roofing systems can easily withstand hurricane-level winds going at it with speeds reaching even 100 mph! Asphalt roofing systems would simply collapse when faced with such conditions.

In today’s society, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that asphalt is a thing of the past. More and more solutions are being developed daily that work on enhancing certain features and adding more functionality to your roof. When it comes to choosing between metal roofing systems and asphalt roofing systems, the choice is obvious, you should definitely go with the metal roofing system. You won’t be disappointed, we at your most trusted roofing contractor The Cool Roofing Company in Atlanta, GA firmly believe so.