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4 Benefits to a Cool Roof in Georgia

Person working on a roof

Person working on a roof

In Georgia, your home or business is dealing with the persistent sun beating down on its roof, heating your building and the surrounding area. Most people don’t recognize the costs associated with dealing with this heat and the benefits of a roof that addresses them.

1. Save on Energy Costs

The most prominent benefit to the installation and ownership of a cool commercial roof in Georgia is its substantial impact on the cost to heat your home or business. Studies have shown that quality cool roofs can reduce your energy requirement for air conditioning by 15% year over year for the life of your roof, and these savings are far more prominent during peak energy times in areas of hot, sunny climates. So when AC is costing you the most, you can depend on your cool roof to pay for itself by consistently lowering your power bills.

2. Quality Construction

Not all cool roofs are made the same in Georgia, and it is important that you understand that in this industry there is a substantial cost to saving money when having a new roof installed. When it comes to investing in a major project like the installation of a cool roof, it pays to not seek out bargain solutions. While less up-front investment, a bargain cool roof can be typically expected to last 5-7 years until replacement or major repair. Contrasted with a quality roof, which can be expected to last upwards of 20 years! While the upfront cost is higher with a quality product, over time you can expect to come out ahead financially over those who invest in poorer product and workmanship, and not have to deal with the hassle and headache of a new cool roof in 5 years.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Cool roofs benefit the environment in two prominent ways. First and most obviously, by lowering the demand on power for AC during peak times, they lower your energy draw, and allow you to more efficiently utilize the energy you do use. Interestingly, they also benefit the environment by not contributing to something known as the Urban Heat Island Effect. Because they are much more efficient and do not store nearly as much heat energy as a typical roof, Cool Roofs are much less inclined to shed their heat at night and warm the surrounding air. This allows your home to not contribute to the negative effects of Urban Heat Islands, including decreased air and water quality of the surrounding areas.

4. Increased Comfort

All these benefits come together to create perhaps the most important advantage of a cool roof, increased peace of mind. Whether for your business or your home, the benefits of a cool roof in Georgia allow you to enjoy the same level of comfort for less money over time without increasing your environmental impact, benefits that just aren’t offered from the installation of a regular roof. So next time your thinking of getting work done on your roof in Georgia, consider the benefits of investing in a cool roof with the Cool Roofing Company, best commercial roofing in Atlanta.