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Signs of Roof Leaks: Fix Them Before It’s Too Late

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Most of us are guilty of taking for granted the roof over our heads.  At one time or another, we need to think about it before it stops working, or even worse, before it starts leaking. And when your roof is leaking, you just can’t ignore it or put it off for another day. The simple fact of the matter is, by the time your roof is actually leaking, the problems surfacing around your home or cabin may already be a serious issue. That leak can cause all sorts of awful problems for you including damaged ceilings, water stains, rotting, molding, and harmful structural damage just to name a few.

A roof can leak for a number of reasons — from storm damage to shingle decay to age and everything in between. If your roof is leaking, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact a reputable, insured roofing company to inspect the issues, find the source of your leak and have it properly and promptly repaired. Acting quickly if you find a leak can save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of misery. We’ve got seven reasons it’s time to get roofing Atlanta in!

Water Droplets

1) Flashing

Flashing is actually the most common reason your roof is leaking. Any thin metal strip, fitting or sheet that covers a seam on your roof is called flashing and when the flashing is eroded or damaged, the leaks can begin. Moreover, if your contractor failed to install any flashing at all (and this actually does happen!), leaks can and will become an issue.

2) Penetrations From Plumbing

Running pipes through the roof is a necessary evil but not always a good idea. Most builders know this, but they still go ahead and do it. The holes (once sealed) can leave spaces and when it rains, the water trickles through the spaces and onto and through your ceiling.

4) Fasteners and Old Shingles

During a storm or with heavy winds, roof fasteners and shingles can be dislodged and damaged pretty easily leaving a perfect path for water to move through and get into the underside of your roof causing all sorts of problems including leaks.

5) Poor Workmanship

Poor workmanship and improper roof installation are one of the major reasons a homeowner experiences a leak. The builders and contractors you choose to install your roof can play a big part in whether your roof will leak or not in the long run.  Poor workmanship can lead to leaks so please remember to choose highly qualified professionals who are experienced with the type of roof installation you are looking for.

6) Old Roofing Atlanta Structures

If your roof is closing in on old age (15-20 years or more), the more likely it is to have an issue, especially if you haven’t kept up with routine maintenance. The original roofing material simply may need to be replaced if your roof is near its maximum lifespan.

If you are dealing with a roof leak, the Cool Roofing Company, best commercial roofing in Atlanta, your partners in helping you with your roofing Atlanta fixes with a thorough inspection, detailed action plan, and a roofing repair or replacement estimate.