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Dirty Roof

Cleaning Tips For Your Roofing in Atlanta

Dirty Roof

As your commercial roofing Atlanta experts, we know how important it is to take good care of the top of your home. Keeping it clean at all times maintains more than it’s appearance, it sustains the integrity and overall value, adding to its lifespan. More than that, keeping your roof clean prevents home insurance costs from, well, spiking through the roof! No idea how to clean a roof? You’re not alone! We’ve got plenty of insight that will help you keep your roofing Atlanta clean as a whistle.  

Safety First!

Keep safety in mind when you’re working on your roof. Work on cloudy days, but avoid working on your roof when it’s wet and slippery outside, or step carefully if it starts to rain while you’re working on your roof. Wear proper slip-resistant footwear when you’re climbing around the roof, and always have a safety rope handy. Goggles and gloves are also important, as some cleaning products include chemicals that can irritate your eyes and skin, like bleach which can eliminate the algae growing up there. If you use bleach, handle it carefully, and pour water on the ground and outlying surfaces to dilute its harmful effects on your garden!


Dealing With Debris

As you’ll likely find up there amongst the pine needles and dust, debris – and lots of it – rests on your roof. One way to keep algae and debris from regrowing up there is by installing strips of galvanized metal, copper on all sides of the roof, just under the ridge where it likes to soak up the excess water. The easiest way to clean debris that does stay is with your own two hands. You can also use a blower, which is more efficient and keeps you clean, but be careful with it up there! If there’s hard to remove debris, you won’t want to use excessive pressure that deteriorates the lifespan of your roof. However, you can use a soft brush with a gentle touch to clean it off. If all else fails, it’s time to break out the pressure washer.

Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your house, cleaning your roof can definitely help. A roof with dirt, debris or dark algae and moss it’s pretty unappealing to look at and takes away from the beautiful home underneath. Particularly for those trying to sell their homes, keep in mind that potential buyers will likely pay more for a home that’s properly maintained and sparkling inside and out. Who would’ve thought that a few simple things like cleaning your roof could increase your resale value before putting it on the market?! Beyond the resale value of your home, keeping it clean improves the lifespan. When algae takes over, the durability of the roof is affected and takes years off its lifespan. Additionally, the dark stains you find can trap excessive heat, mixed with moisture, can cause decay of your roof.