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3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Blue Ridge Roof

Shingled Roof

Similar to the foundation of your cabin or residential home, the roof is a very crucial part of your Blue Ridge shelter’s infrastructure. Think of your roof as the bones of your cabin – the strong part holding it all together. As a cabin owner, you know that it’s essential to maintain the integrity of your roof, after all, it’s there to protect all the lovely people inside! Your Blue Ridge cabin has likely weathered many storms for decades without any immediate roofing repairs.

Don’t you want to keep your house strong and sturdy? The tough part is knowing exactly when normal wear and tear evolves into serious cracks to call about. We’ve outlined a few early signs it’s time to upgrade your cabin’s “bones”.

Replace Blue Ridge Roofing Curls & Tears 
Your common shingles made of asphalt are intended to lay flat on your cabin roof to form a strong, steady, watertight layer. Nailed to the roof with a strip of tar on the back keeps each shingle sealed to the next generally keeps the water from leaking inside, but over time, the tar strips inevitably break down. When the tar strip breaks down, the asphalt shingle dries out and curls up, leaving many holes in your roof to let water in. If you’ve started to notice yellow water damage on the inside of your roof, pick up the phone immediately – you’ve got some serious damage on your hands!  Curling and tearing on your roof means it’s time to upgrade your cabin to a safer, sturdier, water-proof structure.

Dirty Roof

Gutters Filled With Pebbles
Although we told you that the roof of your cabin or residential home is like the bones of your structure, it’s also a bit like your skin. Everyone knows that ultraviolet rays are damaging to your skin, but many don’t realize that they’re also bad for your aging roof. Take a look at that 30+-year-old roof above your humble abode; it’s cracking and drying out! Over years of beautiful sunny days, the UV rays break down the hydrocarbons in your shingles, and the protective pebbles placed on top of the asphalt work freely, advancing the aging process. Imagine it as very fair skin having never seen sunscreen. Your gutter full of pebbles is a sign it’s time to treat your roof to a cabin makeover.

Your Blue Ridge Roofing Is Green 
Mosses, fungus and lichen growing on the roof aren’t always signs of failing shingles, however, they definitely mean that there’s too much moisture on your Blue Ridge commercial roofing. Particularly caused by lack of sunlight, humid climates and faulty shingles keeping water from moving, a green roof is a sign it’s time for a better roofing job. When shingles are compromised, moss and other green growths make leakage into your cabin worse, because these cruddy shingles prevent moisture from running off of your roof as it was intended. You can, however, get a roof that’s green, as in economically responsible; ask The Cool Roofing Company, a top Atlanta commercial roofer for our extensive list of natural roofing products to find out how!