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You Need to Clean Your Gutter

Generally speaking, a roof is that barrier between you, your possessions, and the outside world. Since most of us prefer a functional roof that fulfills its duties, a certain amount of effort is required to succeed in having that perfect roof.

One of the aforementioned functions of your roof is to drain any water and debris that accumulates during the seasons. That’s why a gutter was invented.

A gutter is a long metal tube of sorts that usually follows the upper edge of your house. It follows the line between your exterior walls and your roof providing a means to divert any possible rainwater or leaves that may fall down.

This is an important segment of your roof and it should be treated as such. In order to keep it as functional as possible, it requires regular maintenance.

In case you wish to oversee the maintenance of your gutter, you will most likely face leakage and corruption of the foundations.

To prevent such disasters from happening, here are some helpful tips on how to properly clean and maintain your gutter.

How to clean your gutter

There are a couple of ways to clean your gutter, each being effective in its’ own way.

First of all, if you want to keep it simple, you can always climb a ladder and use your hands to remove the accumulated waste. You can always ease the task by using certain tools, but don’t forget to keep it safe. Gloves, long-sleeved t-shirts and such should be an essential tool when it comes to manually removing the waste.

Second of all, you could try and attach a tool of your liking to a wet shop vac and have fun while blasting the debris out of your precious gutter.

These are the most popular solutions, however, feel free to use any combination of the aforementioned to achieve your own personal style, suited to your needs.

How to maintain your gutter

Following the common rules of maintaining a residence, it is absolutely fine to check your gutter once a year, following additional check-ups of your household.

Although, following the newest tips in roofing, experts recommend checking your gutter twice a year to reduce the possibility of damage and unexpected situations.

When checking, you could also take time to remove any residual dirt clenching to the sides of your gutter. The easiest way to do that is to scrub the dirt off or to spray it down using a water hose.

One of the advanced tips of maintaining a gutter is to watch the slope of your gutter. You can easily do that by flushing water down the gutter. Observe its speed and readjust the slopes to achieve the perfect result.

If you’re living in a normally humid area, our team at The Cool Roofing Company from Atlanta, GA, best company for commercial roofing in Atlanta, suggests arranging the fall of your downspouts into a dry well, or a dump of some sort. By diverting the possible rainfall away from the foundations of your home into a dry well, you are securing the longevity of your household.