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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Commercial Roofs

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Temperatures in Georgia are warming up, so it’s time for some spring cleaning for most of you. While you're busy cleaning out the storage den, patio, garage, and closets, we’d like to take the opportunity to remind you about spring maintenance for the exterior of your humble abode – don’t forget your roof! Your Atlanta roofers know it’s something that many homeowners tend to forget, and once the summer gets busy, it’s hard to find the time or inclination to worry about home maintenance. 

Even if you don’t foresee any big issues, and even if you’ve had your Atlanta roofers stop by recently for a checkup or repair, it’s best to just give everything a check to make sure. As your trusted Atlanta commercial roofing contractor, The Cool Roofing Company suggests a checkup every fall and spring, so as to mitigate any beginning damage or leaks early on while you can book your roofing help before their busy season starts. Here’s our spring cleaning checklist that every homeowner can complete during their own spring cleaning schedule:

Start With The Attic

  • Complete a thorough inspection of your attic’s interior. Bring a flashlight and check the vents to see if there are any signs of wetness underneath your roof. If there’s damage from water along the walls or any dampness at all, that’s a definite sign of a leak in the making.
  • While you’re up there, take note of any light peeking through the roof. If you see any light, there’s a hole that’s going to need to be fixed!

Mold on the walls of a house

Look For Mold

  • You’re going to definitely want to be on the lookout for any spores hiding in the attic and ceiling (or anywhere inside the home!). Can you smell the mold or mildew anywhere? If there’s any dampness (it is Georgia, after all!) or improper venting inside your home, mold will take root over time and it’s expensive to fix it once it’s spread into your walls. Your Atlanta roofers strongly suggest doing a mold check often!
  • While you’re checking for that mold, head to the second story of your home below the roofing structure and take a look at the ceiling with an eagle eye. See any spots on the drywall? Or any tape pulling away from the plaster? These are all signs of moisture damage that you’ll want to check for.

Head Outside

  • Assess your exterior gutters. Take a peek (from the ground) to see if they’re firmly attached. See a gap? They could fall off, but your Atlanta roofers would have to come help!
  • During the rainy weather, check them again. If they’re flowing over, that means the gutters or downspouts are probably clogged. Water should run freely and not overflow anywhere, which is what creates a lot of the water damage over time that contributes to the mold issues.

As always, if you notice any loose or missing shingles or water damage inside your home, it’s time to give your trusted Atlanta roofers a call to fix the problem. Call The Cool Roofing Co. at (770) 599-5606 to discuss your roofing needs.