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Douglasville Commercial Roofing Dangers To Avoid

If you’re new to Georgia, it won’t take long to realize that nobody was exaggerating about the weather. If you’ve been in Georgia for most of your life, you’ve realized by now that it’s just Mother Nature’s way. No matter how long you’ve been in Douglasville, commercial roofing has, at some point or another, kept you dry (and hopefully safe) from the severe elements Georgia suffers through. While your commercial roofing has been effective in keeping you, your business and many employees safe, there are many things that pose a threat to the roof itself. We’ve compiled a list of the dangerous elements and details on how to keep your roof in tip-top shape.


The biggest, most intimidating threat to your Douglasville commercial roof? Water. As the most undoubtedly forceful element Georgia has experienced, water poses a threat to your commercial roof. It’s essential that you proactively prevent punctures, blisters, leaks, and moisture from your roof by having it fixed as soon as you see the problems arise. A drip becomes a leak, and a leak can become a huge hole during a rain shower, which will cost you in many ways.


Nature can pose quite a threat to even the most sturdy, trusted roofs. You’ve got to keep an eye on the earth that surrounds your business. Trees, moss, and algae are elements you’ll want to keep a close eye on around the premises of your commercial structure. While the moss and algae post more of a threat towards the health and hygiene of those inside your structure, the trees pose a threat to the integrity of the outside-facing part of your roof. Giving all the plants in contact with your roof a trim will protect it, particularly giving attention to the long, crisscrossed branches. While they are aesthetically pleasing and provide a great portrait for your business, they can scratch, puncture and even tear your protective shingles with a big weather storm! This small, effective maintenance can save you money and lots of damage to your roof during windy spells.

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Georgia is an extremely gusty place! In the summer, a breeze feels great and in the winter it leaves you with chills – but the wind we’re talking about here is the ventilation within the walls underneath your roof. Insufficient ventilation can cause problems related to your roofing that are more important than you may have thought. Ventilation is used to keep fresh air circulated throughout the structure, and it’s vital that it remains in balance. With insufficient ventilation (or in this case, insufficient wind circulation), your Douglasville commercial roofing is vulnerable to decreased energy efficiency in the summer and increased moisture in the winter. It’s essential to keep this delicately balanced to protect your roof!

These spine-chilling elements can be difficult to deal with once they’ve already struck your structure. Prevent your roof from the harsh weather before it’s too late!

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